Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daily snark via FT

Here's a fantastic piece of snark from FT (no paywall) on that idiot John Mauldin.

I've never liked him, always thought he's almost as bad as Hussman. But when you go through the comments in the FT article, you find a lot of the City folk go one step further and identify him as just another lunatic ZeroHedger.

The point of Hussman's original article is that France is going to go the way of Greece: this is hilarious, considering France's bondds have skyrocketed since the election of that rabid socialist Hollande. I assume that a socialist in power, instead of (say) another fucking Merkel puppet like Marshall Petain Sarkozy, is what really gets Mauldin's goat.

Here are some of the delicious comments from the FT readership, interesting bits bolded:

  • "Sad to witness what was once a good analyst falling into the low level fear mongering camp and completely losing touch with reality. I followed his newsletters for years but cancel my subscription last year. His view has become entirely skewed by his political connections."
  • "In defense of Maudlin, he is proudly a Texas Republican and his audience must be at least as much political as financial. I'm sure when he saw that chart he choked on his freedom fries and had to alert his readers to what the Frenchies were up to now. After all, he tells us 'everybody knows France has too much government', whatever that means."
  • "While I respect Mauldin for his humble approach to the economic and financial analysis, I can't refrain myself from putting him, sometimes, in the same league as zerohedge and almost all of the US financial blogosphere. Best case, they're all Malthusians and expect a momentary difficulty to expand and persist forever, discounting ANY possible or innovative action by the powers in charge."
  • "Amazed that such an obviously flawed piece of analysis was given such a lengthy, albeit eminently readable, airing. Maudlin is notorious for using distant forecasts and oft decries forecasts of a duration of 1 year or less. Frankly I'd read tea leaves before his jibberish. Shame LP, Shame!"
  • "So Mr Mauldin sits firmly in the austerity camp from where he views the world in this one dimensional way. What a poor piece of analysis. I see he employs himself."

Definitely, read the article. There is too much fucking noise out there right now; most of it is coming from idiot American commentators who are mindlessly spouting off their idiotic political ideologies instead of contributing real data for us. Some of them even get reposted by Ritholtz, in an attempt to waste our fucking time even more. I personally intend to dump half my newsletter subscriptions and RSS feeds after reading this.

Maybe Ritholtz will be one to get dumped - I have to spend the next few days seeing if I actually get any useful info from him. I like his own viewpoint, and he says he likes to post "differing viewpoints to his own" - that's nice and all, but it's also a distracting noise. I want more Ritholtz and less Zerohedgers.

There's too much fucking bullshit noise from idiots who don't know anything.

(Yes, I know even less than these loudmouth bloggers, I know. But at least I know that, and I do think that once it a rare while I'm able to see through all the bullshit. But it requires me filtering out the fucking noise.)


  1. Great headline from the same author - Lisa Pollack (probably her editor but whatever):

    4 Sandy Weill regurgitates 13-year old cake

    Made me chuckle.

  2. Mish thinks France is on a bad path as well....does that mean you you disagree with Mish / think he's an idiot as well?

    Honestly curious.

  3. Mish seems to think is on a very wrong path as well, do you disagree with Mish as well, or even go so far as to think he's wrong/misinformed/etc?

  4. I have only rarely read Shedlock - maybe 2 years ago when GT would link to him all the time. With that as my caveat, Shedlock is an American, and seems to be strongly polarized toward one political viewpoint.

    Because of that, it would be pure luck if one correct thing ever came out of his mouth.

    Sorry, that's the way it is. If a guy's always trying to keep his opinions congruent with his politics, he's going to be completely and utterly butt-fuck wrong almost all of the time.

    As for France: tell me what the bond yields say. Hm?