Monday, January 28, 2013

Links to reports

It's apparently a pain in the butt for people to actually download the reports I reference, because they don't care to keep up to date with my blog or something.

So here's a reference post that has all the reports linked, and you'll see it over at the right below "My Daily Reading". I'll update it whenever a new report comes along that I think is worth reading.

Links will often die or get changed, which is why I'm also going to link to the page where the report is found.

If you ever find anything of value, say on Mediafire, and want to suggest it be added to the pile, leave a comment to this post.

May 2013 - World Gold Council - gold demand trends 1Q13 - link to pdf

Mar 2013 - Australia BREE - March 2013 resources and energy quarterly - link to pdf
Mar 2013 - Barclay's - China beyond the miracle. Scribd link only.

Feb 2013 - USGS - Mineral Commodity Summaries 2013 - link to pdf
Feb 2013 - Ernst & Young - trends in mining and metals 2013 - link to pdf

Jan 2013 - OMFIF - Gold, the renminbi and the multi-currency reserve system - link to pdf
Jan 2013 - Pricewater Housepoopers - 2013 Global Gold Price Report - link to pdf
Jan 2013 - IMF - Working paper - has China reached the Lewis turning point? - link to pdf
Jan 2013 - MEG - pipeline activity index for Nov-Dec 2012 - link to pdf
Jan 2013 - Deloitte - Tracking the Trends 2013 - link to pdf
Jan 2013 - Macquarie Private Wealth - market outlook 2013 - link to pdf
Jan 2013 - GMO - Feeding the Dragon: Why China's Credit System Looks Vulnerable - link to pdf

Dec 2012 - National Intelligence Council - Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds - link to pdf
Dec 2012 - GFMS - Gold survey 2012 - pdf

Apr 2011 - World Gold Council - liquidity in the gold market - pdf

reference - McIntosh Engineering - Hard Rock Miner's Handbook - pdf

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